January 13th, 2011

Designing the site

Now that the name and logo for the site is more or less done, we’ve moved into interface design. This is the bit where it really starts to take shape – combining the wireframes (simplified, black-and-white versions of the pages which you’ve already seen) and the logo to create a full brand language and a final look and feel.

We’ve done 8 interface designs so far to give an idea of how the whole site might look. Because they’re quite detailed it’d be a bit hard to see what’s going in if I embedded them in this post, so here’s a link to a zip archive of all of them – if you download it you’ll be able to see them all full size. Also here’s the homepage, just to whet your appetite:

Where stuff is in these designs is governed by the wireframes, so we can’t move things around, but everything else is up for grabs – the typefaces, colour palette, buttons, background, everything. So get thinking and let us know how you feel!

Oh yeah, also, because the ‘creative’ part of the logo will change regularly as people contribute new versions, we’ve put a placeholder in there for now.

Here’s the link to download the rest of the designs. Just in case you missed it before. Thanks!

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